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The Mirror & the Light
Hilary Mantel
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $26.99
(releases Mar 10 2020)
The Skin We're In
Desmond Cole
Hardcover | Jan 2020
on order $29.95
(releases Jan 28 2020)
The Glass Hotel
Emily St John Mandel
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $24.99
(releases Mar 24 2020)
Madeline Miller
Paperback | Apr 2020
on order $22.99
(releases Apr 14 2020)
Normal People
Sally Rooney
Paperback | Feb 2020
on order $21.00
(releases Feb 18 2020)
Black Leopard, Red Wolf
Marlon James
Paperback | Feb 2020
on order $24.00
(releases Feb 4 2020)
Bad Blood
John Carreyrou
Paperback | Jan 2020
2 in store $22.95
Machines Like Me
Ian McEwan
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $21.00
(releases Mar 3 2020)
Say Nothing
Patrick Radden Keefe
Paperback | Feb 2020
on order $22.95
(releases Feb 25 2020)
Cory Doctorow
Paperback | Mar 2020
on order $22.99
(releases Mar 3 2020)

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Our Book of the Month for December is Catfishing on CatNet, the thought-provoking new novel by Naomi Kritzer.

A thought-provoking near future YA thriller that explores issues of online privacy, artificial intelligence, and the power and perils of social networks, this book pushed us to recalibrate our best of the year lists right here at the end. If you're a queer teen, or remember being a queer teen, or can remember a time where the internet seemed like a simpler and kinder place, this is a very good choice for you.

As always, the Book of the Month is offered at 15% off, while supplies last.

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